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Oklahoma's home for beautiful dogs is Oklahoma Corleone Cane Corsos. The Cane Corso is a large but easily trained breed. They are extremely athletic and need a lot of exercise but are very intelligent, affectionate and bond closely with children and families. Our dogs are from champion linage and selective breeding and enjoy a large country setting in Mustang, Oklahoma.

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Before you purchase a pup, beware of big breeders that overproduce and breed blue on blue for fast cash. With Cane Corsos you usually get what you pay for. Sadly, there are always low quality back yard breeders with limited or no breeding knowledge, selling pups with no papers and using dogs that should not be breeding.

Selective Cane Corso Breeding & Care
Our Cane Corso's are always current on yearly vaccinations. All dogs are tested yearly and treated monthly for heart worms. We use Victor Super Premium feed and daily vitamins. All females are given pre-natal vitamins while pregnant. After birth females are given nursing & recovery vitamins until puppies are weened.
Cane Corso Pups With Ears Cropped
Our pups ears are cropped by a licensed veterinarian when they are six weeks old so when the new owners pick them up at nine weeks, the ears are almost fully healed. To us this is a much easier method for pups & new owners. Floppy ears are available if deposit is placed on a pup prior to scheduled cropping.
Cane Corsos Raised With Love
Our facility offers plenty of room to raise healthy, strong and beautiful Cane Corsos. Our dogs enjoy large shaded, grassy runs and not locked up in small chain link pens with concrete floors. Once weened from mother, the pups are also raised on grass. Our experience has been that it can make potty training easier.
Featured Dogs At Oklahoma Corleone Cane Corso Kennels
We are proud to present our kennel's Cane Corsos. We have made every effort to ensure quality bloodlines to help produce best of the Cane Corso breed.
Cherub's Nino Corleone
Male, Cane Corso, 2013
OKCorleone's Sergio Corleone
Male, Cane Corso, 2014
OKCorleone's Massimo Corleone
Male, Cane Corso, 2014
OKCorleone's Giudice Corleone
Male, Cane Corso, 2016
Morgan's Bella Corleone
Female, Cane Corso, 2011
Cherub's Azzurra Corleone
Female, Cane Corso, 2014
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